Our Work

There’s a CRISIS in Kansas

Did you know?

But there are solutions…

We are committed to leading the changes and advocating for a more

equitable future

where a mom and baby’s race or zip code don’t predict whether they’ll live or die.


We’re advocating for families of color at all levels to positively impact our overall health and wellness. We’re calling out inequitable hospital policies; fighting laws that contribute to the cycle of harm to our bodies and communities; and fighting for systemic changes at all levels.

Health Empowerment

We’re bringing the information and care that’s most needed into our communities. Each person has the right to arm themselves with knowledge about our own bodies and health. From pregnancy, to birth, breastfeeding, and beyond, we are a source of relevant information, culturally affirming care, and empowerment.

Workforce Development

This is the part we get really excited about! We are building a workforce of doulas, lactation peer supporters, and other birth workers to provide community-based support to Black and brown families throughout the entire experience of preconception, pregnancy, birth, and early childhood.


We are organizing parents and families in our communities so that our voices are represented at all the tables where decisions are being made that impact our health, wellness, and survival.

Our Focus…

We are focused on serving Birthing people living in Kansas who are most impacted by perinatal health inequities – Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic families and other birthing people with marginalized social identities.

Our innovative solutions are community-led and community-serving. We address the most vital needs in our community today while working long-term to root out systemic injustices.

Our initiatives include…

  • Culturally affirming, community-based support during pregnancy, birth, and infancy
  • Workforce development for diverse community-based doulas, lactation supporters, midwives, and advocates
  • Grassroots organizing to amplify the voices of the community and shape change in systems

This will lead to…

  • Reproductive justice becoming a reality for all birthing people and babies in Kansas
  • Kansas becoming the safest place in the nation for Black, brown, and marginalized birthing people and infants.
  • Greater representation on the frontlines of maternal/infant health equity and reproductive justice in Kansas.
  • A groundswell of community activism and support for birthing people living in Kansas who are most impacted by perinatal health inequities.


We are carving out safe spaces for our community with the first ever statewide network of Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic families and other birthing people with marginalized social identities

What makes it innovative? It’s self-sustaining and community-led…operating on the basis of  shared values while promoting reciprocity, mutual aid, peer support, and leadership development.

We are tending to our community with culturally diverse support to create 
in which mothers and infants of color not only survive– they THRIVE!



We are shaping change in medical and government systems by telling the 
about the inequities and injustices that harm diverse families in Kansas.

We are
a workforce of diverse  pregnancy, birth, and early childhood professionals to provide community-based care.



The future is bright because we’re all going to work
to make reproductive justice and health equity a REALITY
for Kansas parents and babies.