Our Vision

Our Vision

We envision a future where all kansans can choose if, when and how to give birth...and be reasonably assured that they will make it through the process of birth alive. not only will they survive- they'll be able to thrive alongside their families in healthy, equitable communities and will live to their fullest potential.

The Kansas Birth Justice Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting maternal and infant health equity and reproductive justice for families and individuals in Kansans

There's a Crisis in Kansas

Kansas currently ranks the HIGHEST in the nation for Black mothers dying in or shortly after childbirth

Ethnic minorities account for over two thirds of the maternal deaths in Kansas.

Black, Hispanic, and Native American infants are substantially more likely to DIE before their first birthday than their white neighbors.

Generations of Kansans have been held hostage by oppressive legislation and systems that attempt to remove the individual's right to control their reproductive destiny and parent with dignity.

Our innovative solutions harness the power of the people to enact positive change

Our work is modeled after the legacy of the GRAND MIDWIVES, fueled by a longing for reproductive & social justice, and led by the people most impacted.

We uphold human rights, social justice, and bodily agency for all people

We center the wellness of Black, Indigenous, and Chicano individuals throughout the reproductive life course with holistic, culturally affirming support

We incubate a statewide workforce of reproductive health professionals of color to meet the need for culturally affirming community-based reproductive health care

We reimagine systems and policies to disrupt the cycle of systemic harm

We foster grassroots civic engagement and activism

We boldly champion policies & legislation to create sustained health equity and uphold reproductive justice

We raise awareness of inequities and injustices impacting individuals along the full spectrum of maternal, infant, and reproductive health

We support the community at large in becoming agents of change for reproductive justice and perinatal health equity


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What is reproductive justice?

Watch our short film, “400 Years” to learn more about the movement and historical context.