Kansas Doula Alliance

Proudly Announcing the Birth of the…

This new initiative, created by Kansas Birth Justice Society, is aimed at reducing health inequities for mothers and infants in Kansas by increasing access to doula care.

The Kansas Doula Alliance will advocate for fair and equitable insurance reimbursement of doula services; partner with hospitals, clinics, and medical care providers statewide to create doula-friendly environments; provide professional development and training to doulas; and increase consumer awareness of doulas through a statewide directory and other initiatives.

Doulas play a critical role…

in addressing disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes, particularly for marginalized communities. By advocating for the needs and preferences of families, doulas can help reduce the incidence of maternal and infant mortality, which disproportionately affects Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. The need for access to community-based doula care is especially critical in Kansas, where, According to America’s Health Statistics, Black mothers face the HIGHEST probability nationwide of dying of causes related to or aggravated by pregnancy (excluding accidental or incidental causes) occurring within 42 days of the end of a pregnancy. *

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