Enrollment opens soon! Check back on this page for an enrollment link in January. In the meantime, you can find more information on the course below.

This comprehensive anti-racism course is structured with the busy professional in mind. The introductory module is offered in a small group format in-person and virtually, with remaining modules available in a self-paced online format. After completing the PSC credential, professionals can expect to be able to navigate meaningful interactions with others through the lens of anti-racism. Tuition includes books, materials, certification fee, and listing on the PSC professionals directory upon successful completion of the course.
Keep reading to learn more about each module and what you can expect to learn.

Module One “Introduction to Paradigm Shift (live in-person and live virtual options)

We’ll offer the introductory session once a month in a virtual and live in-person small group format. Your introduction to Paradigm Shift will help you unpack your personal identities and your role in anti-racism work in a safe and non-judgmental environment alongside your peers.

Module Two “Four Hundred Years, The American Legacy(self-paced online)

Learn about the history of race and power dynamics in the United States. Anthropological, political, and social theories will come into focus for you as we explore the historical context of race and racism in America.

Module Three “Requiem of the Ancestors” (self-paced online) + one-on-one support session with your course facilitator

What did your ancestors experience, and how does it impact your views of race & racism today? We’ll pay homage to the plight of your ancestors while helping you map out your personal path to intergenerational healing from the harm that racism has inflicted on people of all ethnicities. Your one-on-one session will help you unpack your personal path to anti-racism in a safe and private setting.

Module Four “Policies and Politics(self-paced online)

This module is an introduction to policies and political dynamics of racism in the United States. After completing this module, you’ll be able to describe how policies and institutions have replicated inequities in the United States from one generation to the next. You’ll arm yourself with tools and strategies to interrogate the role of policies in dismantling inequities in the United States.

Module Five “Holding up the Mirror” (self-paced online)

Are you prepared to examine the role of ethnocentrism in your behaviors and choices? After this module, you’ll have the skills to take an unbiased look at what it means to reflect anti-racism in your everyday life.

Module Six “In Sickness and In Health” (self-paced online)

Explore the interplay between race and health in the United States from 400 years ago to today. Learn how you can personally contribute to health equity in your community in tangible, actionable ways.

Module Seven “Cross Cultural Communication” (self-paced online)

Take the next step in your journey to anti-racism by learning how communication strategies can make or break your interactions with individuals whose identities or cultural ways of being differ from yours. You’ll leave this module feeling confident in your ability to use various communication strategies to facilitate meaningful interactions.

Module Eight “Accountability and Action” (self-paced online)

We’ll focus on creating a plan to hold ourselves accountable to growth and action on our anti-racism journey.

Module Nine “Do the Work” (self-paced online)

What is “the work” and why is it so important that you be part of it? You’ll be given resources to identify your role in the work of dismantling oppression in the United States.

Module Ten “Putting it All Together” (self-paced online) + optional small group Q&A with your facilitator

We’ll bring all the information and tools from this course together to give you a roadmap for your path forward. The small group Q&A session will give you the chance to ask questions and gain clarity on your personal paradigm shift.