A doula is a skilled labor companion…sort of like a birth guide. They don’t provide medical care or deliver your baby. Having a doula is like having a birth coach/cheerleader/personal assistant whose focus is on helping you have your best birth experience.

Want to know more about the differences between a doula and a doctor or midwife? Click HERE.


  • Help you with non-medical comfort techniques like massage and counterpressure.
  • Share information with you on ways to have a healthier, more natural birth and lower the chances that you or your baby will have health complications.
  • Advocate for you + help ensure that your voice is heard and respected by your whole care team
  • Answer your questions and help you prepare for your healthiest, most satisfying birth experience possible
  • Support you and your family emotionally and socially through the whole process of having a baby.


Hiring a doula for your baby’s birth is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make, especially if you want to have an EMPOWERING, HEALTHY, FULFILLING birth experience. It’s a fact that Black, Native and Latina mothers are 2-4 times more likely to die in the process of giving birth. Having a doula’s support can help increase the odds that you and your baby will make it through birth healthy and thriving. This service is so essential for Black, Native, and Latina mothers that we created Wichita’s first team of professional doulas of color to provide this highly sought-after care to our own community.

“This service is really essential for Black, Native, and Latina moms because we’re at the highest risk of having complications or not being listened to. Hiring a birth doula is a luxury for some, but for us, it’s a necessity!

-Sapphire Garcia-Lies, Doula & Founder of Kansas Birth Justice Society

We recommend you book your doula as soon as possible after you find out that you’re pregnant because our doulas are in high demand and book up fast! Take the Birth Reimagined Workshop and then apply early in your pregnancy (before 26 weeks) to allow time for you and your doula to meet three to four times before your due date. Our clients experience the biggest benefit of doula support if they begin meeting with their doula early on in pregnancy. We do not book clients who are more than 26 weeks pregnant or who are currently in labor. If you are more than 26 weeks pregnant, click HERE to read about services we have for you.

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