Join Birth Guide Sapphire for an enlightening and intimate afternoon session in the Sacred Circle Room focused on self-care, real talk and real tips to have your best birth experience.

We’ll go over massage and deep relaxation techniques, aromatherapy options, labor positions, how to avoid complications, and more. Bring a family member, or come on your own to join in with other pregnant people as you all prepare for your best birth experience together.

What are other moms saying about the Birth Reimagined Workshop experience?

I loved the amount of knowledge given and the space to speak freely. I’m glad I took this workshop.

-July 2022

The information we went over was all new to me, even after giving birth before. It blew me away!

-May 2022

You’ll leave this session feeling confident and ready to write your birth plan.

Space is limited. Book your spot by clicking HERE.